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Free Computer Stuff
   Welcome to the Computer information page for those looking for good free or trialware software, links, and other things computer/ web related.                  
   Here are a couple of great (free to use) sites to check your computer connection speeds (uploads/downloads/ping time) These are important so you can make sure you’re getting what you are paying for.
   Open Office has a word processor, graphic program, data base, etc.
   I haven't used it but know many that have and swear by it... It's free so check it out before you spend big bucks on other suites.                
Free web spell checker addon to Internet Explorer (works with the latest version)              
ShellFolderFix for Windows 7.  by George Fischer.
   Here’s a fantastic program that I use on Win 7 (supposed to be good for 8 & 10 as well) It remembers folder positions, sizes, folder icons, folder view settings, position on screen, position of desktop icons, and much more.    To top it all of, if you regularly work with the same folders open, "ShellFolderFix will remember all the folders you have open at the time of the save, all their settings, etc into one 'workspace'. The next time you need to open all those folders, just one click and they're all back just like you left them.     Install instructions are included. I had ShellFolderFix up and running, set the way I wanted within five minutes or less.... This program actually works and it's free! 
Click on button to download, click "run" or "save" Remember what folder you save it to, then double click to install.
   Winpatrol: Find out what's running on your PC and shut it down. Paid version has links to the web site for complete explanations of each file and what it does. Free life time upgrades on paid version.    I’ve used this program for years. There is a free version, but the paid version allow you click on a file and go to the web site and it will tell you exactly what that file does and whether or not it’s safe to remove or disable it.                  
Free & paid versions
   ROLLBACKRX: This is a disk imaging program that has saved my rear end many of times. It’s good to run this before doing updates so if an update trashes you system, all you have to do is turn off your computer and restart. As you boot up your PC, you’ll get a screen that lets you choose what image you want to load Windows with so you can revert back to before the update. RBRX also runs auto images so if you get a nasty virus, there’s a 95% chance that you can go back to the last save/image before you got the virus. A fan told me that RBRX is now free, so check it out.
   Ever been asked by tech. support “What processor do you have?” What kind of graphics, or how much RAM? Belarc Advisor reads all the important data and hardware on your PC so you can vWinZiiew, or print it out. Been using this for years.
 The most common file zipping program out there.
                     File compression is set by WinZips standards.   This is not a free program, but there are free ‘zipping’  programs out there if you want to check.         
Many web sites use Java. To get the latest free version, here's the link, and it’s FREE!             
DesktopOK is a great way to save and restore your desktop icons positions in this easy to use utility. I’ve used this since I got Win7 and love it. It’s free and makes organizing your desktop so easy. A small program, small download, well done and it’s FREE!             
   Check CCleaner out. I use the professional  plus version, but did use the FREE version for years. I use it mainly as a program to remove cookies and other web trackers that one gets while web browsing.
   The .pdf files most have now have long been the standard of reading and graphic viewing. Adobe Reader is free to use and all my free books are done in this format so visitors do not have to have any other electronic reader to enjoy them.