Hawk’s Legend
Brief author bio: Robert Turnbull Jr. I started drawing comics while in elementary school with a couple of friends, which lasted about two years (grades 4-5) When I was 18 I wrote my first story called “Cells” (unpublished) and several other stories. Later on in life I had the stories, but somehow they never got to paper. All my life I’ve had difficulty understanding print only to eventually learn that I had suffered from Dyslexia all my life and had suggested to me that writing might help my disability. One strange dream caused me to take pause when the next night I picked up where I had left off the night before. A strange dream where everything was so real that I could smell the various scents and even hear background sounds…it was as if I had been transported to another life. The dream was so vivid, I couldn’t push it out of my mind for days and then I had been thinking about trying out this program called MS Word…and Hawk’s Legend was born. My problem other than Dyslexia, was that I never had any formal typing and it seems that my mind runs much faster than my fingers…which makes writing all that much harder. (and my wife’s work much harder) At first I wrote and so many liked my books and it got expensive printing out my stuff for friends. I decided to try my hand at web building, so naturally a site to showcase my stories was the logical choice. I found that my biggest problem was I had far too many ideas running around in my head that I couldn’t decide upon any one story, so after the Hawk’s Legend trilogy, I started doing my books of novellas and short stories titled “Worlds of_____” They became a collection of stories that I knew I’d never develop into full length novels. I have to admit my wife and editor has put up with my plethora of typos and bless her heart, just can’t find them all (even reading through my stuff 3-4 times) You see my Dyslexia is bad enough that I at times, even transpose the words in a sentence, or sentences in a paragraph. Later on in my post-retirement life, I began publishing on Amazon/Kindle thanks to suggestions of my fans that have come back time and time again to my humble little web site to see what my latest books is. My novels and anthologies (books of short stories) have done well on Amazon, and I still post free books now and then as thanks to my loyal readers. I also seem to have a following of military personal that download my books to read in the field. Being ex-Air Force, I know how lonely it can get when away from home and did read a lot back then. To this day, I write and still can’t seem to get what I see in my head exactly in type as well as I like. However my readers and fans do like the worlds and characters I create and if I can just have one other person enjoy what I have created, then I feel that I’ve accomplished what I intended, to allow someone else to see the worlds that I live in.