Copyright 2008/
 Revised 2009.

Cover by Kim Enraca.
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The Earth devastated by a world shattering apocalypse. Mankind mostly wiped out. Civilization in ruins. 

   One man lives to rebuild through the sacrifice of an ancient alien race.
His life extended, his being enhanced, he struggles between duty and his desire to die. His mind wrought with sadness, he learned to become cold, deadly, to cover his pain.

   One hundred and twenty years later mankind had reclaimed the east and Hawk must turn to the wastelands to overcome the raider armies and the mutants.
There he saves the life of a devistated teen. Now years later fate throws them together once again.
The helpless girl has now become a beautiful woman and a deadly warrior vowing to seek revenge upon those that killed her father and tortured her years before. Strong, yet emotionally confused, she must learn to adapt to these strange new things her mentor shows her.

   Thrown together by fate, they form what at first is an uneasy friendship. But fate has more in store for them than they could have imagined.
Could this woman who swore no man would ever touch her again, find happiness in the arms of a man that doesn't age?
That has no soul?

   This 'free' novel has only been 'roughly' edited. Please excuse any typos.
Hawk's Legend is no longer available as it is being completely rewritten, better edited and new context added.
Please enjoy my other novels and check back for more information on this novel.